36c3 hackerspaces.org meetup
12:00 - 13:00

Attending: tdor, aimeejulia, dagda, adam, warning, hsbe + others

    20210407 refragmenting <dcht00


*** Agenda

[/] * introduction

[/] * current status:
    - run by volunteers
    [R!!] - handover of infrastructure access from old people to new people
    - active community on irc freenode channel

[R!] * hackerspace census update

see https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Hackerspace_Census_202X

[!] * DEV/PROJECT -- infrastructure distributed ideas:
    - zeronet, ipmf, -
    published on the networks, a test bed for decentralised network that looks like a normal nice looking website with a map right at the front

[?] * performance improvement:
    - it could be an idea to update the dependencies, topic linked with decentralised network 

* set up tips for hackerspaces:
    - new person setting up a hackerspace in poznan, workshop hack the hackerspace discuss how to structure a small to medium hackerspace managing people interfaces.
    - https://hackerspace.design - hackerspace blueprint mentioned

[!] * legacy... can we put it on the archive.org :
    - it currently bugs out because of the old wiki on them

[!] * making the wiki more user-friendly:
     - there is an offer from hsnl/hsbe to redesign the landing page

[R!] * updating contact list on the wiki

[!!] * enabling more hands-on help:
    [!] - suggestion to use gitlab for tracking issues

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