hso-20210708 hackerspaces.org regular meeting
BEGIN: 2021-07-08, about 18:05 UTC
END: 2021-07-08, about 19:20 UTC

    - bronsen
    - jo
    - buZz
    - Bruce_Quillis
    - Georgyo
    - zeno4ever

    - Status of group registration on libera.chat (bronsen)
    - promoting spaceapi (zeno4ever)

*** Minutes:

    Status of group registration on libera.chat (bronsen):
        - hackerspaces.org/.well-known proof is in place, waiting on libera staff
        - => still WIP
        - => bronsen will poke staff for an update

    Promoting Spaceapi (zeno4ever):
        - more hackerspaces should use and provide data for https://spaceapi.io/
        - we have no idea what keeps them from using spaceapi
        - How can we convince spaces to do adopt spaceapi:

also see → https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/SpaceApi

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