hackerspaces.org monthly meeting

January 08 2020

16:30 - 

    20200108 meeting
    20210318 adding work tags <dcht00

Attending: aimeejulia, g5pw, rrn, Waterppk2, rtn, scuzz.. 

*** Agenda: 

* Move the meetings to 1st Sunday of the month
* HSO census update
* editing the wiki map page
* wiki server - improving response times
* gitlab? - point from 36c3 meeting - https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Meetings
* redesign of the website - point from 36c3 meeting - https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/Meetings


*** Minutes:

[!] MEETINGS -- * Proposal to move the meeting to 1st Sunday of the month
- +1 aimeejulia, g5pw, Waterppk2...

[→] CENSUS -- * HSO census report (aimeejulia):
    I didn't make as much headway as I was hoping but I would like to continue with the exercise until I have been through the list at least once.
  • * Some questions: what can we do to automate this in future?
  • * Is it possible to automatically set the status to inactive when all the links are dead for example and fire off an email to the space informing them of the change with the opportunity to update their listing?
  • * Suggestion: fire off an email after 1 year from the user last login to keep the status as active (rtn)

[K] * Is it possible to edit the wiki map page?
https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/List_of_Hacker_Spaces (waterppk2)
  • *g5pw says there are no permissions needed so waterppk2 can go ahead and edit it

[→] #ADMIN -- * improving wiki server response times
  • * we could start by just monitoring the amount of requests to the server and go from there, if it's just a matter of getting a beefier server I'd be happy to donate for this (rtn) 
  • * waterppk2 reports multiple gateway timeouts and wonders whether we got pawn'd
  • * g5pw says we need to check with jomat, we are currently on php5... updating the mediawiki and then the php would be good, rtn would like to help jomat, g5pw + other people

[~] #ADMIN -- * Should we have the website on gitlab to enable volunteers to easily help with any issues
  • * yes, this is a good idea, we could also add documentation/instructions for how to run the wiki site locally (rtn)
  • * how do we go about it? who can do it?
    • * someone that has access to the website needs to create a git repository and push that to gitlab/github/whatever (rtn)
    • * github seems to be more popular, we can do it there aren then move it if we have to later
    • * it looks like it is only a mediawiki page with a couple of plugins and it may not be possible to have it in a repo

[!] #IMPROVE -- * redesign offer from hsbe possibly for a better landing page
aimeejulia to send out an email in the mailing list with today's notes and a callout for redesign team/individuals
  • * g5pw also think we should trim the content and cut out unused services like the blog for example

*** TODO

[!] * jomat, g5pw, rtn + others to meetup and update mediawiki and php

[!] * g5pw responsible for writing an infra email describing today's discussion and the next steps