P2P Left

P2P Went Right. We Left.

The P2P Left groups started by breaking away from the P2P group on Facebook.
The split was motivated by the promotion of right wing ideas about hostile mobs of leftists seeking to abolish free speech and establish a reverse hierarchy of oppression. When our efforts to critique these views where attacked and misrepresented, we left and created our own group.
In order to ensure the main P2P Left can focus on topical content, P2P and Commons Transition from a heterodox left perspective, we will keep all discussion of That Other Group here.
This group is intended to a place to discuss this experience, the continuing right wing drift of that other group, as well as consider ways to reconcile the community, such that our views are welcome there.

Please read & consider signing the Letter of Disassociation from Michel Bauwens (March 2021).

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